304 Stainless Steel XL Extra Large Bird Parrot Macaw Indoor Outdoor Cage Play Top

  • $ 2,295.00
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Stainless Steel XL Extra Large Bird Parrot Macaw Indoor Outdoor Cage Playtop  

Why buy a Stainless Steel parrot cage?  They last a lifetime! Compare that to a powder-coated cage that will generally only last a 3 to 5 years in most cases (Outdoors generally a year only).  Stainless Steel cages are MUCH more easy to keep sanitary.  Easily clean with just a simple wipe down.  This cage is made of very high quality SUS 304 medical surgical-grade stainless steel.  They carry zero toxins, commonly present in powder coated / painted cages.  They always look brand new!  With no paint to chip or fall off, they literally always look brand new.  Stainless cages have a higher up front cost, but are cheaper in the long run considering its a one time purchase and without any toxins its much safer for your loved one!

** THIS MODEL IS MADE OF ALL #304 MEDICAL GRADE STAINLESS STEEL.   Perfect for indoor or outdoor use without the worry of rust.  Powder coated cages generally only last a year or less outdoors and the paint / rust is unsafe for the bird.   ** This cage is made for larger birds as the bar spacing is 1".   

  • 100% New In Box MSRP $3499!
  • High Quality #304 Stainless Steel! Lasts many times longer than standard cages (Even other #430SS cages)
  • 1 Inch Bar Spacing (Recommended for larger birds)
  • Easy Clean Slide Out Stainless Steel Trays. (1 for top play stand, and another for bottom of cage)
  • Measurements: Overall Height (Including Play Top) 72.25". Height from ground to top of cage only (not including play top) is 59.5". Overall height of the actual cage (Not including the legs or play top) is 48". Overall Depth (Front to back) including the seed catcher is 37.5". Cage depth only is 30". Overall Width (With seed catcher) is 48", or 40" cage only width. Door opening size is 17" Width x 37.75" Height.
  • Thick ~4mm Stainless Steel Bars (Many others 2-3mm which break easily)
  • Easy Swing Open Food / Water Bowls (Holds 6 bowls, 4 inside the cage, 2 on top) We are including 4 bowls, 2 for inside, 2 for top. (5" width size on top, 4" width size inside)
  • Secondary lock on front door, to prevent door from accidentally opening
  • 1 Wooden Perch Included (easy to add more)
  • Assembly Required
  • Free Shipping to MOST all locations within mainland USA (Must be serviceable by a freight truck)
  • These ship LTL freight professionally crated. ** There is a $50 NYC / Long Island area charge for all freight shipping to NYC areas.  


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