1 Person Whirlpool Jetted Hydrotherapy Bathtub Bath Tub Indoor 001A

  • $ 1,250.00

1 Person Whirlpool Jetted Hydrotherapy Bathtub Bath Tub Indoor - 001A

Fully equipped with massage jets, air jets, LCD control system, dream pillow, shower head, Bluetooth radio, and underwater LED lights! We also include an in-line water heater already installed. 

    • Model: 001A
    • Water Jet Pump included + 5 Adjustable Massage Jets + 3 Powerful Back Jets (1.0HP,750W water pump with CCC,CE certificates)
    • Air Bubble Pump + switch included = 11 Air Bubble Jets with 250W pump
    • Hand Held Shower Wand included
    • Soft Padded Waterproof Pillow included
    • Ozone water cleaner included (to kill any mold, viruses, bacteria from forming)
    • Adjustable Faucet included
    • Built-in water heater included
    • Underwater LED Lighting included (12v DC power saving)
    • Deluxe Computerized LCD screen control panel included (there are several available but we install the highest quality available with LCD screen and full functions) There is a very high quality remote control which comes with this, which allows you to easily adjust the settings. (Normally $100 more, this is included)
    • Water Level Sensor included
    • Bluetooth Radio with Speaker included
    • Thermostatic faucet to ensure precise water temperature
    • Dimensions: 66" length x 32.5" width x 24" height overall. (Inner tub size is: 55" length x 24" width x 16" height) (Bottom flat part of the tub is 42" x 18" wide)
    • Power Requirements: 110v, 60hz (standard US power).
    • Weight: 200 lbs
    • Materials: Acrylic and ABS compound material with 3 layers glass fiber reinforcement with stainless steel frame
    • Certifications: CE, ISO9001
    • Cash Pickup Only

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