4 Four Person Outdoor Infrared Sauna Spa w/ Ceramic Heaters FIR Far Infrared IN STOCK

  • $ 4,995.00
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4 Four Person Outdoor Infrared Sauna Spa w/ Ceramic Heaters FIR Far Infrared

ON SALE THIS WEEK @ $4995 + FREE MAINLAND USA SHIPPING!  *Free shipping cover most all areas of the mainland USA.  Some remote / hard to reach areas might have a surcharge. (NYC / Long Island, NY, FL Keys, etc)


Features / Specifications:

  • Newly designed 2024 model 4 Person Outdoor FIR Far Infrared Sauna. Complete w/ shingled roof and waterproof hemlock wood construction.
  • Utilizes FIR Far Infrared Ceramic Heaters, to deliver the most reliable heating source for outdoor saunas.
  • Auxiliary input included for IPod / MP3 capability w/ Stereo Speakers
  • Includes Ionizer w/ Ozone Generator (Keeps the air fresh, and the ozone keeps bacteria and mold from forming)
  • Latest Digital Control panel allows you to set the desired temp and timer, and shows the actual temp. Temp selectable from Celsius to Fahrenheit. There are buttons as well to control the 4 LED Display / Reading lights, and also the 4 Chromatherapy color LED lights!
  • Dimensions: This is a square shaped sauna, but does have 5 sides, as one of the corners is a door. The footprint is 59" x 59". It will fit perfectly into a corner, or standalone. The size of each wall is: back wall panels: 59.1" (2 of them), side panels w/ windows 31.5" (2 of them), and front panel w/ door is 37.4". The overall height of the sauna is 84.6". The weight is 495kg. (don't worry its in 7 sections, so its very easy to assemble or take down)
  • Power Requirements: 220v, 60hz, 2400 watts.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping to most areas within mainland USA


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