18HP 457cc Gasoline Gas Powered Towable Wood Chipper Mulcher with Electric Start 5" Capacity

  • $ 2,295.00
  • Save $ 700.00

Powerful 18HP 457cc Gas Gasoline Powered Wood Chipper Mulcher w/ Electric Start - Towable 2" Ball Hitch ~ 5" Diameter Cutting Capacity


This model DR-CS-18HP wood chipping machine with a pull / electric start 18HP gasoline engine and chips branches up to 4.7 inches in diameter. With an adjustable deflector vane on the side discharge chute, the results can be easily collected to collection bags or other vehicles. It weighs 385 pounds and comes with large wheels for easy transport around your home and yard. This unit comes with a 1 year warranty.

Product Features:

  • 1. Light Weight and Compact Design
    The whole machine has a light weight of 385 pounds. This makes it much easier to be stored in a shed or workshop, maneuver around the yard or load into a vehicle for transport.
  • 2. 14-inch Wheels for Maximum Portability and Road Towing
    Includes trailer hitch and 2 pieces of quality wheels for maneuvering and towing. The tires are 14" in diameter with 23" wheel base.
  • 3. Powerful Gasoline Engine 420CC 18HP with Advanced Centrifugal Clutch and Automatic Low-oil Shutdown
    Employs a powerful 420CC 15HP petrol engine in pull start (recoil start). It makes reducing woods, branches or garden waste a quick and easy process. This chipper is equipped with safety mechanism centrifugal clutch and automatic low-oil shutdown to protect the engine.
  • 4. Twin Reversible Chipping Blades in Hardened Steel
    Employed are twin reversible chipping blades. They are made of high quality hardened steel, selected for its toughness, and are heat treated for wear resistance.
  • 5. Chipping Capacity for Limbs and Branches
    Our unit is capable of mulching branches up to 4.7 inches in diameter. It’s ideal for shredding leaves, debris, twigs, limbs, sticks, bushes, woods, branches and garden wastes.
  • 6. Consistent and Uniform Results
    Cycle shredding system ensures consistent and uniform results when chipping woods, approximately 10mm*10mm*3mm.
  • 7. Adjustable Discharge Chute
    Our chipper discharges processed material out of a side discharge on the unit. The unit comes with an adjustable deflector vane which can rotate a 180 degrees. 
  • 8. Big Top Hopper with 550mm*450mm Opening
    The unit has a large hopper on the top to allow easy loading of leaves and small branches into the machine for shredding. The opening at the top of the hopper is 21" long and 18" wide; so you can easily deposit small woods, branches and debris for processing. The opening at the base of the hopper narrows to 8" long x 4.7" wide
  • 9. 2 Pieces of Quality V-Belts
    To transfer power, there are 2 pieces of quality V-belts. They are of durable and unlikely to break.
  • 10. Protection during Operation
    Safety has always been one of our major concerns in design of our machines. There is a plastic baffle in the entrance to prevent finished chips popping and hurting operators.
  • 12. Minimal Assembly Required
    For shipping purposes, the shredder hopper, chipper cone and discharge chute are packed separately. There are only a few screws and nuts to install to finish assembling our unit. Assembly is very simple and typically takes around 30 minutes. Detailed instructions are provided.
  • 13. Strict Quality Control and 1 Year Warranty
    We provide a high standard of quality control and manufacturing. The unit comes with 1 year warranty. 
  • 14. CE Certified
    Our machine has passed the CE Certification. It's safe and reliable in operations.


  • Adaptability - Leaves, debris, twigs, limbs, sticks, bushes, branches and garden wastes
  • Blade Material - Hardened steel with wear resistance
  • Blade Speed - 2200rpm
  • Belts - 2pcs of quality V-belts
  • Chipping Blades - Twin reversible chipping blades
  • Chipping Capacity - 4.7 inches
  • Dimensions - 5.9' x 2.6' x 3.8' Feet
  • Adjustable Discharge Chute - With adjustable deflector vane in 180 degrees
  • Engine - 420CC 18HP Loncin gasoline engine
  • Engine Brand - Loncin
  • Engine Oil - 1.1L
  • Fuel - Gasoline
  • Fuel Consumption - 450ml/h
  • Fuel Volume - 6.5L
  • Maneuvering & Towing - Available on 2 quality wheels
  • Minimal Assembly Available
  • Net Weight 175.0kg
  • Packing Plywood box
  • Processed Chips - 10mm*10mm*2mm
  • Productivity - 3 tons/h (max)
  • Rotor Speed - 3600rpm
  • Safety Mechanism - Centrifugal clutch, Automatic low-oil shutdown, Plastic barrier to prevent chips popping and hurting operators
  • Shipping Weight 185.0kg
  • Start Type - Pull start and electric start included. (with battery)
  • Top Hopper 550mm*450mm opening and 200mm*120mm base
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Wheels 2 pcs: 370mm in diameter, 580mm wheel base

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